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Case: How you can quickly get a working scheme?

To profit from sending traffic is true art. Everybody knows it’s quite hard to make a start in affiliate marketing: to choose an offer, to plan an ad campaign, to consider all nuances, etc.

One of the first things you should think about is creatives. The right creatives will motivate people to click on a link and to perform a required action. At the same time, they mustn’t turn your traffic into incentivized one. 🙂

I decided to start with teasers and searched for creatives in SpyOver service. The service says that they’ve analyzed millions of teasers from 115 countries and 15 traffic sources. I gave it a try.

I registered: simply entered my email and password. It’s a paid service, but luckily I got a 33% discount after using 3snet_bro promo code.

I wanted to start with gambling and searched for creatives for this particular niche. I entered “casino” in the search form and got a selection of popular teasers. The service allows you to search by keywords, a landing text, publishers, outgoing links, or a chain of redirects. I tried different filters, used some more gambling-related keywords, and managed to draw certain conclusions.

Как быстро получить готовую связку?

The next step was to download and edit creatives. You can spy on landing pages and transits in the landing pages search. Download what you’ve chosen with the Loader (archives with html pages, styles, and JS scripts).

Как быстро получить готовую связку?

Each ad has detailed information about which platforms it is being used on, how many times it has been shown, how popular it is on certain days or at certain hours. Moreover, you’ll find out about top-10 platforms the ad is being run on including statistics for GEOs and devices. The essential information is hidden in the redirect chain. You’ll find links to transits and landing pages.


  • The most popular sources for the keywords I used are Taboola and Revcontent.
  • GEOs: Canada, U.S., Mexico.
  • Browser: Chrome.
  • Devices: iOS mobile, iOS tablet, Windows desktop.
  • Creatives with young women and money draw the most attention.

I won’t tell about the exact hours, days, and other nuances as this information relates to my working scheme.

3snet has 16 CPA gambling offers for Canada, U.S., Mexico that suit my criteria. My manager helped me to choose a couple of them for my tests. I’ll start with Taboola and then proceed with Revcontent.

I will keep you updated!

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