AvaTrade Affiliate Program

AvaTrade was founded in 2006 and since then it has been successfully working to attract investment. Among advertisers, the broker also enjoys well-deserved respect, the AvaTrade affiliate program is one of the most popular among webmasters.

The trustworthiness of the company as a partner and an advertiser can be judged from the fact that its work is valued by market professionals: the Best Affiliate Program 2016 and Best Broker 2016. There are a few more clear pluses that make the broker trust:

  • a forex broker license that permits official work almost all over the world;
  • the company’s turnover is more than $ 60 billion per month;
  • Active users of the company’s services are currently more than 200 thousand people.

The broker attracts new customers by providing them with unique opportunities:

  • a convenient Forex platform, an opportunity to work through mobile gadgets;
  • Special security measures, allowing 100% guarantee to save money on the account;
  • support and training opportunities for both new and experienced customers;
  • permanent promotions and bonuses.

All this distinguishes AvaTrade, so new customers willingly register and continue to earn with the help of this company.

Forex affiliate program AvaTrade also offers favorable terms of cooperation:

  • The advertiser makes payment according to the CPA model: the first minimum contribution of a new user and several transactions;
  • The amount of remuneration may differ depending on what kind of transactions the attracted client will perform;
  • GEO in different countries of the world: Europe, North and South America, Australia;
  • main types of traffic types are accepted (except for fraud, incent and spam);
  • a large number of landings provided.

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