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Promo code from ADxAD

#Advertising networks
Look for a promo code for a discount in ADxAD on 3SNET!


We present to you our partner — ADxAD advertising network!

ADxAD Advertising Network providing HQ traffic with flexible targeting, performance and accuracy.

ADxAD provides traffic for several mainstream verticals: Dating, Gambling, Gaming, Nutra, Betting, Crypto and others. Their managers take a personalized approach to all customers and help optimize your campaigns. 

Here is an overview of the current GEO’s and ADxAD verticals that will provide you with high profits:

  • Dating (MA traffic). Tab, Push, Pops, Banner, Native. CPC $0.033. US DE GB AU CA ZA NZ FR IT
  • Gambling. Popunders. CPM (pops) 0,2$ (more than 100k clicks per day). CPM (banners) 0,05$ (5M-10M imps per day). US DE JP FR GB IT CN BR IN ES CA MY EG PL NL PH TH MX

ADxAD also gives a 5% bonus to all new customers! Sign up with ADxAD, get the HQ traffic!

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