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#Trackers & TDS
Промокод на скидку в binom ищите на 3SNET!



The Binom self-hosted tracking platform is a trusted and reliable partner of the 3snet network.
Binom is the undisputed leader in click-processing and report-building speeds.

What is a tracker?

A tracker is the main tool in affiliate marketing. Choosing a tracker is one of the most important decisions affiliates make. It is a special software solution which tracks behaviour of users and helps analyze your ad campaign performance. With Binom, you can save various parameters to process results and generate reports. Eliminating tracking errors is crucial. Slow redirects decrease ROI; inconvenient interface is a cause of wasted time.

Advantages of the Binom tracker:

  • the price of your licence does not depend on the amount of traffic you send;
  • millions of clicks per day;
  • click processing time is 5 ms under any server load;
  • the fastest report generation on the market;
  • group campaign reports;
  • large-scale automated updates every month;
  • the fastest and most convenient user interface;
  • Binom’s flexible multi-user system with different access rights;
  • the average response time of the Binom support team is 2 minutes.

Binom has prepared a really good promotion for partners of 3snet. Sign up to get a free trial for 30 days and a 40% discount on your second month!

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