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#Trackers & TDS
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Before: 30.12.2023


Keitaro is a media buying and CPA marketing tracker.  Keitaro stands for traffic targeting, increased efficiency of advertising campaigns, flexible reporting and protection against bots.

Important update: you can now start using the tracker in just a few clicks. You no longer need to manually install Keitaro in the terminal, just select the tracker as pre-installed software from the hosting partners (you can identify them by the “app” icon in the documentation). After that, all the necessary installation will be done during server preparation!

Advantages of Keitaro tracker:

  • cookie-free operation;
  • dynamic content substitution in JS and PHP;
  • domain parking and automatic certificate issuing;
  • downloading of local landing pages through the interface and access to them without redirects;
  • automatic retrieval of costs from *Facebook;
  • traffic distribution through filters: GEO, operator, browser, device, and much more;
  • connecting websites on other servers and hosting providers to the tracker;
  • user creation with different access levels;
  • creation of reports using more than 30 different metrics to determine the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

All 3Snet partners receive a 20% discount on their first license purchase. Use promo code 3SNET20!

*Facebook Instagram and Facebook services are blocked by Meta Corporation, which is recognized as extremist in Russia.

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