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Promo codes from Mondiad

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Mondiad is an innovative advertising network with global coverage and unique, lucrative perks. Mondiad serve mainstream & adult traffic via classic push, in-page push, native and banner ads using CPC, CPM and tCPA models.

9 billion impressions, 29 million daily clicks! 

Main perks for advertisers:

  • fast Approvals & 24/7 Support
  • self-serve platform & In-house technology
  • 50$ Minimum deposit
  • multiple payment processors including cryptocurrencies
  • custom bidding by zoneID, subID, country
  • advanced targeting options
  • blacklist/Whitelist targeting
  • smart optimisation rules & Campaign audiences
  • built-in event tracker
  • real-Time reporting system
  • ad tracker integrations
  • and many more to discover.

And an exclusive gift just for you reading this:

New advertisers who use the code “3sntxmnd ”and top up their accounts with a minimum of 100$, will get a 10% deposit bonus(max bonus 100$).

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