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P1sms promo code

#Advertising networks
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P1sms is a service especially designed for MFO and gambling. Direct connections and gateways are at minimal price for each message. You can also use different mailing tools to notify your clients about new approvals. Verified senders` names and delivery guaranteed. A separate gambling channel is serviced for numbers verification upon registration. P1sms is a good opportunity to work in a personal virtual study, personal program or website (via API), and, of course, use CRM, Bitrix24, AmoCRM, 1C, YCLIENTS.

P1sms benefits:

  • Sending out via WhatsАpp and Viber
  • Price depends on a sender’s name, 50 kop. per SMS A free test and 10 free of charge sms units upon registration
  • Link shortener and ability to track traffic
  • Chat-bot Telegram
  • Voice mailing with voice recognition system and conversation settings
  • Target sms mailing based on target consumer characteristics.

3snet partners can get a 200 ruble bonus on their account in To get the bonus use promo code 3SNET while registering.

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