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Promo code from ADS.RED

#Advertising networks
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ADS.RED, a new partner of 3snet, is a teaser advertising network that perfectly suits various offers and GEOs. An advertising campaign in ADS.RED is a set of basic parameters (link, category, basic settings) and targeting settings (countries, operating systems, ad schedule, categories of websites your ads will be displayed at). ADS.RED allows you to create an ad campaign and test interfaces without making any deposits. All interfaces are available right after registration. 

Advantages of ADS.RED:

  • targeted traffic for various GEOs (RU, UA, UZ, LV, LT, KZ, PL, DE, USA, etc.);
  • quick moderation and loyal publishers—almost any teasers and banners are accepted;
  • friendly support via email and on Telegram;
  • CPV pricing with rates from 0.5 RUB;
  • free access to the business version of Keitaro tracker for your traffic source.

Partners of 3snet can get a bonus from ADS.RED. Register (promo code 3snet_bonus will be added automatically) and get your lifetime 10% cashback.

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