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Offbeat creatives for gambling campaigns and promo code from Boost2pro

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How to advertise gambling in 2020? Some traditional approaches remain relevant for many years already, but at the same time there isn’t any lack of new ideas.
Boost2pro spy service and 3snet want to share several creatives that can help you get more casino traffic.

Option 1. Emotions that everyone experiences
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Emotions that everyone experiences
To use creatives with people is always a good idea! In this particular case, there is a picture of a young woman who is likely to catch people’s attention. The emphasis is on strong emotions attracting players.

Option 2. We know them by sight!
Subject line: Not only football for Zenga and Mancini
Description: What have Zenga and Mancini done with their gun?—StarCasino Sport.
Not only football for Zenga and Mancini
Italians often use pictures of local celebrities in advertising. It does make sense! You can use pictures of these or any other celebrities. This approach works really well! The point here is to choose pictures of people who are popular with your target audience.

Option 3. It is never too late
It seemed that Game of Thrones’ time had already passed. However, the HBO series were so popular that creatives with any reference to them still get lots of likes. This advertising strategy allows attracting much attention of gamblers.
Game of Thrones video
Option 4. Classics: young woman and money
This new method gives people in Italy a good reason to quit their jobs.
Description: This app made people’s dreams come true.
Classics: young woman and money
To use a picture of a young woman with money is a good old approach that will live forever and continue bringing good results. All you need is to add some words about dreams coming true and an opportunity to quit job (relevant for all countries).

Option 5. Keep an eye on news!
You can always make use of the latest events to promote gambling in an offbeat way. For example, let’s take Megxit, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s decision to “step back as ‘senior’ members of the Royal Family”, then choose a picture, and add some words like “We make money with this app. And everybody can do it!”.
Garry and Megan Marcl

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