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Promo code for AdsBridge


AdsBridge is recognized worldwide as one of the best tracking solutions in affiliate marketing. It offers affiliates, advertisers, and agencies a set of effective tools for work with traffic and a wide variety of opportunities for traffic monetization. It’s an absolutely cloud-based solution, premium-class support, a flexible reporting system, a free 14-day trial, campaign auto-optimization, an in-built landing page editor, a bot filter, a possibility to create your own CPA-network, and a load of other useful features.

Now you can select 3snet among affiliate networks in AdsBridge. Use 3snet promo code to get your 25% discount on any subscription plan.

If you haven’t used AdsBridge yet, you can take a look at TOP features that will be available during your free 14-day trial.

  1. You get a free SSL certificate if you buy a domain in AdsBridge. This feature is available with any subscription plan!
  2. You can create a campaign without redirects right from your account. It is a perfect solution for you if you want to:
    – use traffic sources that don’t allow any redirects, such as AdWords, Facebook, myTarget, etc.;
    – increase CTR and a number of conversions for your campaigns;
    – set a direct visit on your landing pages.
  3. Batch actions with landing pages and offers: you can delete and replace selected offers and landing pages in all campaigns and flows in a couple of clicks.
  4. In-built landing page editor: create and test your own landing pages in the in-built visual or html editor. You can also find a large number of ready-to-use landing pages in AdsBridge and use them in your campaigns absolutely for free.
  5. Auto-optimisation for landing pages, offers, landing pages & offers. This feature allows finding the most profitable landing pages and offers that have the best EPV/EPC in real time and then sending traffic to these landing pages/offers.
  6. Notifications: you can create notification rules for certain events (visits, clicks, conversions, EPV, EPC), and the system will be sending you notifications in accordance with them. You can set up notifications for campaigns and for offers separately.
  7. Daily event cap: you can enable this option if you want to redirect your traffic to another offer after a certain number of conversions has been reached with your current one.

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