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Promo code from Push.House

#Advertising networks



3snet is glad to introduce our new partner—Push.House advertising network. Push.House will help you quickly and easily attract target audience, analyze advertising campaigns, increase sales in all GEOs of the world.

Advantages of Push.House:

  • only unique and high-quality traffic;
  • >180 countries push notification coverage;
  • real-time bidding for traffic;
  • statistics in real time;
  • personalized support.

3Snet partners can receive a bonus: an extra 10% on the first deposit. To do this, you need to enter the 3SNET promo code when registering.

How to get quick results with Push.House?

  1. Sign up and create an account. Enter your promo code in the top-up section.
  2. Create an ad with text and image in your account.
  3. Choose a region which your ad will be displayed for.
  4. After passing moderation, run your ad campaign.

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