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Promo code from RichAds

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Look for a promo code for a discount in RichAds on 3SNET!



3snet network recommends its regular partner – RichAds!

RichAds is a self-serve advertising platform where scale meets performance.

Our advertising formats: push, pops, in-page, calendar, direct click, native.

RichAds offers 5B impressions daily in 200+ countries worldwide.

Why choose RichAds?

  1. 5B+ impressions per day for the perfect scaling.
  2. Top verticals: gambling, betting, antivirus, cleaners, and more.
  3. Premium sources with incredibly high conversion rates.
  4. Expert support (ready-made whitelists, custom creatives for your offers, turn-key ad campaigns).
  5. Target CPA for the best bids and HQ traffic (300% ROI with auto-optimization).
  6. Flagship features: Optimizer, Predictor, Multiformat, Performance mode.

Special for 3Snet users, RichAds gives a 10% BONUS for the first deposit! Use promo code “3SNET” and launch your first campaign now. 

Other services also offer discounts, bonuses and free testing opportunities. Rate them with 3snet promo codes!


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