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3SNET recommends, our new partner! This is a service for autofarming Facebook*, Google and other accounts in real browsers.

  • Automatic warm up of hundreds of accounts by preset or your script (likes, posts, FP creation, writing messages, adding friends);
  • Work with the advertising functions of the account (creating ads manager, business manager, passing the ban on advertising activities);
  • Integration with multi-browsers (Dolphin, Ads Power, Incognition, Multilogin, Indigo, etc.);
  • Digital farm system (full account life monitoring and Telegram bot alerts);
  • Its own Wikipedia with detailed descriptions of all functions and actions;
  • A caring support team is always ready to take care of your peace of mind;
  • Ready-made 15-day farming scripts for everyone.

Sign up at and get 50% off any rate for the first month using the promo code 3SNET.

*The Meta corporation has been declared extremist in Russia, and its Facebook and Instagram services have been blocked.

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