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Vimmy`s promo code

#Advertising networks
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Vimmy is a group of professional Internet marketers and Internet traffic сollectors, highly effective and productive. The team’s reputation is based on their methods and well-established technological solutions. Development of systems for collecting, rotating advertising campaigns and analyzing statistics for customers is based on experience.

Advantages of cooperation with Vimmy:

  • Formats: push, in-page push, popunders;
  • the new advertising format is Calendar Push. Remember the push traffic on Android in 2018 conversions? Now, the same story with iOS. The technology allows you to send push notifications to iOS devices via the calendar apps, which gives the message maximum trust;
  • personal database of 300M + subscribers, priority Tier1, Tier2;
  • more than a billion daily displays;
  • CPC payment model, minimum bid $0.001;
  • minimum deposit of $50;
  • all the necessary targeting to buy only the right traffic;
  • its own anti-fraud system: publishers get into the auction only after checking the quality of traffic;
  • competent support and loyal moderation.

Use the promo code 3SNET300 and get a bonus on the first deposit of $50 when depositing from $300.

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