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Promo code from Zeropark

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Promo code from Zeropark



Zeropark is an industry-leading ad exchange platform with a huge traffic inventory. It’s perfect both for scaling campaigns and beginning your journey with affiliate marketing.

What Zeropark has to offer?

  • huge volumes of pop, push, in-page push, and domain traffic;
  • both manual and automatic anti-fraud solutions;
  • quick campaign approval &amp a dedicated onboarding manager;
  • free comprehensive starter packs for beginners;
  • Rule-Based Optimization;
  • Deals Tab – an in-panel marketplace featuring exclusive offers from affiliate networks, direct programs, a variety of trackers, trusted spy tools, and website building software.

Zeropark has partnered with 3snet to bring you an exclusive deal! If you’re looking for a new traffic source, join Zeropark and get an extra $100 added to your first deposit (minimum amount of the first top-up is $500).

Enter the 3SNET code while registering and enjoy the extra credits!

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