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Discount from AdPlexity

Look for a promo code for a discount in AdPlexity on 3SNET!


AdPlexity offers six different tools that provide you with a range of data related to the world of affiliate marketing. Analyze your competitors’ advertising campaigns, check information on their funnels, sources, banners, and landers. Learn from their successes and mistakes and save yourself precious time and effort. That information lets you ensure your own ad campaigns have the highest possible chance of making a profit. Advanced search terms let you hand-pick the exact data you need: filter by keywords, advertiser URLs, affiliate networks, and much, much more. Partners of 3snet can get a great bonus after registrationup to 30% lifetime discount for all AdPlexity products. The final price will depend on the type of “weapon” you choose. What does AdPlexity have for you?

  • Push lets you pull up comprehensive data on mobile and desktop push-campaigns running in over 82 countries. Get real-time data from the most popular push-networks (PropellerAds, LeoCash, MGID, Datspush, Evadav, and more). -10% lifetime discount.
  • Mobile gives you all the most important data on successful mobile campaigns from over 75 countries. -25% lifetime discount.
  • Desktop lets you pull comprehensive data on the latest successful desktop campaigns from a huge range of different traffic sources. -25% lifetime discount.
  • Native lets you pull up comprehensive data on the most successful native advertising campaigns from 9 of the most popular native traffic sources and 32 countries around the world. -30% lifetime discount.
  • Adult gives you the most valuable data on successful adult campaigns from over 75 countries. -25% lifetime discount.
  • Ecomm gives you the latest data on all the most successful eCommerce stores. One click brings you an array of information on over 100,000 stores and over 100 million products. -25% lifetime discount.
  • Carriers lets you connect as a real user, test conversion flows, view real landing pages. AdPlexity Carriers lets you use REAL 3G/LTE proxies from over 80 mobile carriers, active in over 30 countries. -10% lifetime discount.


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