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Promo code from Buymedia



3Snet recommends a new partner – the advertising network. It specializes in adult traffic from Russia and the CIS. There are 3 advertising formats in its store:

  1. Preroll. Do you want everyone to know about your product? Wanna try something new for yourself and not for a stratospheric price like on YouTube? Or maybe you thought that in order to run such a campaign you necessarily need a video? At – you can use the same gif banners that you use in your other campaigns. Prices from 0,5$ for 1000 viewings.
  2. In-page Push. A variety of templates and a constructor that will make almost all your ideas come to life. Do you want the banner to be as bright as possible? Here you are, background animations, buttons, frames and more are waiting for you. Don’t like the current templates? No problem! Upload your own banner, or try an audio template. And all this for only $0.15 per 1000 viewings.
  3. PopUnder/ClickUnder. A format that needs no introduction. But in this ad network, they’ve added an option to choose which ad window to open. Want it to open in focus? OK. Or maybe the other way round? No problem, too! Control how the window should open in your campaign settings with just 1 checkbox. And no, it won’t affect the volume of traffic in any way.

As well as individual pricing for sites within 1 campaign, targeting by language, setting up uniqueness both per promo and per campaign, flexible targeting and much more to help you with monetizing your advertising solutions and scaling your bundles.

If you’re a 3Snet partner, you can get 5% off your first deposit using the 3SNET promo code. Enter it in the special window under “Finance” section, then top up your balance and 5% bonus on top-up amount will be credited to your account!

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