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CheckTrust promo code

#Automation & Analytics
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CheckTrust service is designed for parsing various parameters from multiple sources & services and present them in a single table for donor assessment. A complete list contains more than 80 parameters, which you can see on this page.

It is used to select high-quality donors to buy on them links through exchanges. Meanwhile, for those who are not willing to engage in lengthy study all the parameters, there are two key site indicators: TRUST and SPAM.

For a specialist who knows what this or that parameter means and where it can be found, it would be tedious to run through dozens of services and collect the data together. Whereas the service will gather all the parameters from the right sources in a couple of minutes and present them in a single table.

For the site owner who doesn’t want to delve into all the details, but wishes to get a good result, the final score is calculated for the donor. The formula used to calculate the key indicators – Trust and Spam – has been used for more than 8 years and showed itself from the best side:

  • qualitative growth of promoted sites’ positions due to the purchase of “right” links;
  • significant reduction in budgets without negative consequences due to the rejection of inefficient links;
  • no filters from search engines and successful fight with the already imposed filters.

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