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Promo code from Zvonobot

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Promo code from Zvonobot



Zvonobot is a voice notification service for finance. Filling in an application form on your website, launch API smart bot and notify your clients on the approval in a new MFO. Customer regular mailing will allow you to get the leads on high conversion rate loans.  

Zvonobot, a voice notification service, is a convenient tool for business: telephone surveying, cold calling, informing, and automatic mailing.   

Advantages of Zvonobot: 

  • Only 3 minutes on mailing creation: a text is made into audio;
  • 10 times cheaper compared with call-center services. On average, 90 kopecks per one call;  
  • Mail feedback: keyboard algorithm activation while speaking or system integration on API;
  • Mailing result tracking: a number of  subscribers to have answered the call, or pressed the keys; average conversation time. 

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