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Promo code from Capitalist

#Payments solutions
Look for a promo code for a discount in capitalist on 3SNET!



Capitalist is a сonvenient online payment system: payouts to Capitalist wallet with no fee!  

Capitalist advantages: 

  • free multi-currency account: USD, EUR, RUR/ USDT, USDC, BTC, ETH;   
  • highly trusted virtual cards for ad campaigns (USD/ EUR) with turnover up to 20 000 USD/ EUR per month;  
  • wide withdrawal functionality: bank cards (RUR, UAH, KZT, UZS, Mastercard WW USD/EUR), wire transfers (SWIFT, SEPA), electronic and cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges, mobile operators;   
  • marketplace: payments for traffic and web tools with no fee.     

 Get a free Capitalist virtual card with the promo code “3SNETCARD”* 

*activate the promo code via the Capitalist official Telegram bot: @CapitalistNet_bot 

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