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IRENT Promo Code

#App Rentals
Look for a promo code for a discount in IRENT on 3SNET!

Before: 1.09.2023


Introducing our new partner, 3SNET – IRENT!

IRENT is a service for renting and buying iOS applications for gambling and betting. IRENT creates webview iOS applications for FB*, TT, In-App, UAC, and other traffic sources.

Why do arbitrageurs choose iOS?

  1. iOS traffic is less saturated, so the competition for leads is lower.
  2. Top Tier-1 | Tier-2 countries with the most financially capable audience and high payouts.
  3. The average user spend on iOS is higher, so advertisers offer higher payout rates.
  4. Users have more trust in the App Store compared to other app stores, resulting in higher-quality traffic.
  5. The average lifespan of iOS applications is 6-12 months.

Only at IRENT:

  • 5000+ partners from the arbitrage market;
  • 98% tracking of iOS audience from source to offer;
  • Unlimited accounts on *Facebook and TikTok;
  • Built-in pre-landers, cloaking, white pages, and push notifications;
  • Adaptation of offers for iOS applications;
  • Traffic optimization for installs, registrations, and deposits;
  • Attentive manager support.

Use the promo code 3SNET30 and get +15% added to your account (based on the recharge amount).

*Meta Corporation has been recognized as extremist in Russia, and its services Instagram and Facebook are blocked.


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