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Promo code from Publer

#Automation & Analytics
Look for a promo code for a discount in Publer on 3SNET!

Before: 17.08.2022


3Snet recommends new partner Publer, a versatile advertising monitoring service. Publer allows you to analyse advertising on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, MyTarget and monitors VKontakte groups. 

The advantages of working with the service: 

  • allows you to find effective ads in almost any industry in a matter of clicks – you can parse by creatives, keywords, date, links, id sites; 
  • analyzes peak user activity with accuracy to the hour, the dynamics of the offer, coverage, price on exchanges, and ER post;
  • evaluates the effectiveness of promotional posts, the number of bots in the group and its statistics; 
  • helps to find and download the most converting creatives from teasers and promotional posts.

With the 3SNET promo code, 3snet partners can get a 10% discount on any rate (except daytime, weekly and corporate) until August 17, 2022!

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